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Our experience from the last years shows that the more rules one legion/guild has, the more drama it brings, killing the fun of the game for everybody – members and leaders. That is why in SmallGods we have a No rules policy. So you won’t be seeing things like “TOMORROW 8pm WE GO TO SIEGE, BE THERE OR GET KICKED!”. However we do appreciate it when our members follow some “guide lines”

SmallGods is a legion striving for a good reputation. That means we are polite and helpful to other people and legions. That does not mean we expect everyone to be Jesus, if someone is being an ass to you stand up to him. But do not stir up trouble/drama for no reason. What you do as a member of SmallGods reflect what people think of all of us under the same name.

If you encounter problems of any kind with another character or legion bring it up with the leaders rather than making it a personal vendetta. When a problem occur it is always helpful for us if you have taken screenshots of the incident, so that we can know exactly what happened. Otherwise it is just words vs words and hard for us to do anything about it.


SmallGods as a legion do not allow botting or illegal third party programs of any kind (dps meters are allowed as NC themselves said they are okay). Members that are caught cheating will be removed instantly.


SmallGods is old hardcore legion, and as such we do prefer our people to be as active as possible. Still, we appreciate it is just a game, and we do not force anyone to be online for a specific amount of hours/week.
However if you are gonna be away for more than 10 days its good you notify us on forum about it. Sometimes people just disappear without saying anything and we do not know if they have quit or something else. Players who are gone for more than 10 days without any notification will be kicked from the legion. Players returning from a break, having being kicked, will have priority to join back again.

Use the legion/guild chat, join our teamspeak server, join legion parties rather then going solo or with randoms, help the legion and other members when you can.


Recruitment is closed
We don't like our legion getting too big, filled with people we hardly know. That is why you need to be a skillful player and have close friends within the legion for even considering recruiting you.
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